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Pro - Life

When we study history, we stumble across barbaric social norms that are inconceivable to our modern minds.


Gladiators. Human sacrifice. Slavery.


The list goes on and on. It is difficult for us to imagine that anyone could stand idly by while such horrors were taking place in their neighborhoods, but are we really any different?


How can we judge previous generations when we, as a society, are allowing the largest holocaust in history to take place right under our noses?


My hope is that someday future generations will also look back on us with an attitude of disgust because that will mean that we have succeeded in making abortion, the greatest stain on this generation’s reputation, unthinkable.


As one who buried your head in the sand claiming the mantra “live and let live?” Or will you take opportunities to stand up and boldly fight for the right to life?



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Live Action/Lila Rose
  • Facts and data to prepare you to refute the most common pro-abortion arguments

  • Stories of real women who have been harmed by abortion

  • Stories of real women who have chosen life and thrived

  • Examples of how to lovingly respond to friends and family in real life situations

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Allie Beth Stuckey
  • Tons of episodes directly addressing abortion

  • Commentary on current news stories related to abortion

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Love Thy Body

A deep dive into the worldview behind the pro-abortion movement

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"The thoughtful and vulnerable stories told on this site bring tears to my eyes, inspire me to live faithfully to God, and challenge me to be ready to share truth when I have the opportunity. I love that Della gives articles and resources to help you as you think through tough scenarios and how to respond to them."


Nominate a Mom

Submit Your Story

Everyone has a story that could change someone’s life! Do you share the stories of your experience to help others avoid your mistakes and find the same hope you found? 


Let’s start to shout them from the mountaintops rather than keeping them to ourselves.


Do you have a story that could help others better understand the value of life in the womb?


I would love to help you share it with the world.

I am accepting nominations for women in need of physical and emotional support as they face an unplanned pregnancy.


Let’s SHOW the world that we love babies both inside and outside the womb. 


And that we love their mothers too!


If you know of (or are) a woman who could benefit from our help, please fill out the form below.

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