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Have you heard the lie that those who oppose abortion are not “pro-life” but rather “pro-birth?”


The claim is that those who call themselves “pro-life” don’t do anything to help families once a baby is born.


This idea is so absurd it’s laughable. 


Thousands of crisis pregnancy centers are full of volunteers who provide care and physical provisions for moms who choose life. Programs like Walking with Moms in Need that offer support and encouragement to single mothers are offered in churches all throughout the nation. Millions of pro-lifers are quietly supporting struggling moms out of their own pockets like Nathan and Emily Berning, the founders of Let Them Live, did.


And yet, too many believe this horrible lie. 


Sadly, even those who were raised in the church and should know better. According to a 2015 Lifeway Research study, 70% of women who had abortions self-identified as Christians!


Do these young women believe they will be shamed and shunned? 


The church should be the first place women run to when faced with a crisis pregnancy, yet it looks like too many are fleeing from her instead. We must grapple with this tragic fact and reflect on if there are ways that we can improve.


Maybe it is time for Christians to do a better job of SHOWING the world that the church is a place of refuge for the hurting. Maybe we need to start being louder to drown out the noise of the lies that these young women are being fed!



I plan to use whatever platform He blesses me with to not only tell but also SHOW young, scared pregnant women that there are millions of people who want nothing more than to walk alongside them and show them the love of Christ.


I will be soliciting letters of love and encouragement to send to a special mom facing an unplanned, crisis pregnancy. I will bundle the letters in a care package that this mom will be able to reach for if there ever comes a time that she feels alone to remind her that there are so many people who want to support her.


I worked with Amanda from Mama Sing my Song who wrote an amazing song that I pray will bless them and their child. God loves them, and we (pro-life Christians) do too!

Click Here To Listen


She also wrote a children’s book with an accompanying song that I will be including to remind the precious baby of this important truth as well. (Listen here.) 

If you haven’t heard of Mama Sing My Song, you are missing out. Check out this post to learn more about her amazing work!


Let’s SHOW the world that we love babies both inside and outside the womb. 


And that we love their mothers too!


If you would like to contribute to this campaign of love, send generic letters of love and encouragement to the address below:


Della Bright

PO Box 6885

Yuma, AZ 85366

If you are looking for a way to financially contribute to helping moms in need, Let Them Live is an amazing organization.

(Note: Please take into consideration that in order to ensure the letters truly are encouraging, they will be screened before being given to the expecting mother.)

Image by Diana Polekhina

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