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The Share Dare

I’m Della Bright!

I am a Christian wife, mother, small business owner, homeschool teacher, and hobby homesteader! Whew! Just writing that all out makes me want to go take a nap! J Needless to say, I am very busy! But I am also deeply troubled by the broken culture of our country that I love so much and am weighed down with a desire to do something – anything – to fight back against the rot that has infiltrated every institution. But what can I do when my schedule is already jam packed?

How many of you out there are like me? Are you a busy wife and mom who knows that your most important job is to raise up the family the Lord blessed you with, but who also yearns to do something more because we are hurdling rather quickly toward a future that will be not-so-bright for those precious children? Do you feel like you just don’t have the time or energy to do that “something more” even though you know just how very important it is?

What if I told you can “do something” without adding a single thing to your already crammed to-do list?

I’ve got good news for you! YOU CAN!

It’s called the Share Dare! And all you have to do is share…

The most important thing we can do is try to change hearts and minds. We are inundated with an information overload that makes us feel like we are responsible for saving the world, but that is not true! Our calling is to faithfully influence the small sphere where that Lord has placed us, and we can do that by sharing.

Sharing what, you ask?

Let me tell you!

Share the gospel!

As Christians, we know that true revival is what our nation needs! Is boldly sharing the gospel in word and deed a priority? If not, it should be. I am not saying that you need to lay out the ABCs of accepting Jesus to every person that you meet. Some are gifted in this type of evangelism, but for most, that would be incredibly awkward. Leading people to Jesus is a process. Sow the seed when the opportunity calls for it. Water the plant when it’s time to water the plant, and if the Lord leads you to an opportunity to harvest, make sure you don’t miss it. Be the light. Be the salt. Speak and act in a way that makes people wonder why you are so joyful or loving or patient, and if you are given an opportunity to sow or harvest seeds, be ready to share where your hope lies!

Share your opinion!

We have comforted ourselves for far too long with the idea of the “silent majority.” Many of us were taught that religion and politics are two topics that should never be discussed. We are now seeing the fruits of that silence.

How often do you walk away when someone starts talking about how abortion is a woman’s right? Do you give an alternative perspective if someone tells you that cops are racist? What about if someone says that anyone who opposes gay marriage is a bigot? Do you kindly and lovingly explain to them why you support traditional marriage, or do you try to make yourself as invisible as possible and hope no one guesses what you believe on the topic?

We do not have to be obnoxious, but we do need to make sure that we are no longer silent and that we are engaging on the cultural issues of the day.

Share stories!

Did you know that the abolition movement really gathered steam after the release of Harriet Tubman’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

Stories are incredibly powerful and can move the needle in a way that facts and data cannot.

We all have experiences in our past that could help someone today if only we were bold enough to tell our story. Maybe you had an abortion when you were younger and have regretted it everyday since. Do you share your story? Hearing that a large % of women regret their abortions does not pack the same punch as YOU sharing YOUR story. Or maybe in your past, you spent a period of time living in promiscuity that left you feeling dirty and unfulfilled. Through the work of Jesus on the cross, you have been washed white as snow. Do you share the stories from your past to help others avoid your mistakes and find the same hope you found? There are countless examples of stories we can share to help others.

The plan is simple. Live your life faithfully, and when an opportunity arises, be bold and share.

It is a simple plan, but that does not mean it is easy. That is why it is called a dare!

So what do you say? Are you ready to accept the Share Dare challenge?


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